What is the size of the wooden floor

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What is the size of the wooden floor

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What is the size of the wooden floor?
Many users will choose to install wood flooring at home, comfortable and natural, so what is the size of the general wooden floor? What are the considerations in the budget?wpc flooring sri lanka How to pick the right wood floor? Here we are Everyone briefly introduces the floor dimensions and correctly participates in home decoration.
wooden floor
Judging from the use of wood flooring, there are many solid wood floors, which are made of wood. The more common wood is oak, oak, ash and cherry. According to different solid wood raw materials, their own size and thickness will also have different, the market's more specifications including the 460mm*60mm*16mm, 750mm*60mm*16mm, etc.,wood deck installation guide in the selection can take into account the solid wood itself Different choices of materials.
Composite floor
Solid wood
composite flooring and ordinary solid wood flooring will have a certain difference, it has a multi-layer aspect, usually after a pest control and anti-mildew treatment, the specifications will naturally choose more. Judging from the currently used composite flooring, including the 1802mm*303mm*15mm, 1200mm*150mm*15mm, etc., these are more commonly used to the size specifications, but also with a better use of the collocation.
Laminate flooring
Laminate flooring is a more stable representation of its use today, and its own specifications have also taken into account the needs of daily life, and when selected is a lot less troublesome. best wood plastic floorFrom the perspective of the thickness of its design, most of them are about 1200mm*90mm*8mm, and some may be controlled at 7mm, which is judged according to actual use conditions.
Cork flooring
Cork flooring is a rare wooden floor representative, and is also rare when it comes to renovations. Considering the size of cork flooring, it needs to be considered from the current market. Generally, it is similar to the size of ordinary solid wood flooring. However, the actual conditions of home decoration must be taken into account to ensure that it can meet the needs of home life and avoid renovations. natural wood fence picturesThe problems affect the quality of personal life.

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