LeSean McCoy on his cancelled females on

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LeSean McCoy on his cancelled females on

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It wasn't what you thought. Let LeSean McCoy explain.The "females only" partythe Bill running backoriginally planned to throw in Philadelphia last weekend before the start oftraining camp wasn't what it looked like on paper.Sure, McCoy advertised the exclusive event on his personal Instagram page, inviting only hand-selected women to attend. Sure, Jeremy Zuttah Jersey in order to attend, these women had to submittheir names as well a copy of their ID and social media information. Sure, upon entrance they were set to be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and,sure, they couldn't bring friends. Butif any of that caused you to believe it was some sort of sex party, you're sadly mistaken.MORE: NFL Thomas Rawls Jersey single-season rushing leaders | Madden '16 RB RankingsMcCoy spoke to ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodak about the event Friday.Here's everything you need to know about what he said, courtesy of Rodak's Twitter account.LeSean McCoy says he canceled Justin Gilbert Jersey his party. Said it got too wild and taken out of context. Says he never should have posted invitation. Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) July 31, 2015LeSean McCoy: "... For the record there was no big orgy or anything." Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) July 31, 2015McCoy asked about the proper context for the confidentiality agreement about his party. Tells reporter he's answered enough questions. Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) July 31, 2015Full quote from McCoy: ...I should have never posted it and I take blame for it. But for the record, it was no weird orgy thing going on." Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) July 31, 2015Rex on LeSean Christian Jones Jersey 's party: "I did not get an invite. I'm a little disappointed about that. But maybe next year." Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) July 31, 2015

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