Body Scrubs

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Body Scrubs

Postprzez ypokyko » 11:14 04 wrz 2017

There’s nothing complicated in relation to exfoliation, whether it’s your body or your face.

You must find the best legs exfoliator to suit your needs, the one that you and your skin feel most comfortable with. I’ll talk about each type just underneath, presenting their respective advantages.


Exfoliate your legs before traditional hair removal, whether you shave, wax or epilate. It will assist you to get smoother legs also to prevent ingrown hairs.

Don’t get lazy, exfoliate between hair removal sessions at the same time. I do it at the end of every shower. As a personal rule, I wait for about 2 days as the skin is much more sensitive after it’s experienced the shock developed by an epilator removing hairs from the root.

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Re: Body Scrubs

Postprzez dosilda » 12:41 01 paź 2017

laser to emulator ? od kiedy xD

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