Decorate with Comfort in Mind

Decorate with Comfort in Mind

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“I think the area we can all improve on as the church is comfort. I love giving people spaces to lounge, to take a seat, relax, possess a cup of coffee, have a great conversation, tune in to each other, and just be together,” Joamna says. “We always want website visitors to feel cozy within our spaces, whether it’s 50 degrees or 100.”

With each new SZN comes a brand new design and a brand new opportunity to welcome our guests.

“We always make an effort to make sure to take colors (what colors are in season), lighting (that isn’t too harsh, unflattering, or too dim), spacing (are things too close to each other? are things too far away from one another? exist too many things?), music (we possess a playlist, and whenever I hear one of the songs from my playlist while on the road, it immediately takes me back to Sunday and makes me look ahead to the next Sunday), warmth (lights, textures, plants) and typography under consideration,”

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