Can you speak about where you were in your life before

Can you speak about where you were in your life before

Postprzez iqucyv » 18:24 05 sie 2017

We do different themes on a monthly basis. Our curriculum is placed monthly, into different weeks. Sometimes we may have a theme with certain characters. Whoever is the host to the month will do a character. It could be anything, from being a detective to being a clown.

Acting with kids is basically funny simply because they could tell if you are nervous or otherwise. Sometimes people say talking with crowds is hard, but speaking in front of kids is indeed hard! There was a spot where the clown required a British accent. I can’t do accents for nothing. If I do an accent I sound Hispanic. Needless to say, I was nervous. But the kids were like, “You want to do it! Come on, seriously, Ms. Cristian!”

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