[ROM] Spike All in One Edition v2.0 (xxjpy)

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[ROM] Spike All in One Edition v2.0 (xxjpy)

Post autor: Neo » 18:08 17 sty 2011

[ROM] Spike All in One Edition v2.0 (xxjpy)

Rom dla Samsunga Galaxy S na bazie 2.2.1 xxjpy

Szczegółowy opis romu :
info od autora:


Features :

- Powered by voodoo Kernel
- 339MB RAM and 720P recording & playback
- Replaced kernel jhash2 with jhash3 and Adjusted kernel HZ value to balance
- Better battery life & smoothness
- Voodoo sound fix
- Fully deoxed and zipaligned
- Rooted and latest SU
- Replace Recovery 2e with Clockwork Recovery Lagfix Edition
- Extended power menu
- Voodoo - OCLF - JFS - Ext4 Lagfix method include
- Busybox 1.7.3
- Apps and framework optimized
- Google Addons is updated (gmail-search-...)
- Replace market with new & themed version
- Ginger keyboard and gtg tw launcher
- Big APN list
- Wifi firmware & battery drain fix (by hardcore)

All in One apps :

Addfree-Adobe reader-Apndroid-Google books-Camera360
Catch note-Convertpad-Dolphin browser HD-Drocap2
Droid streamer-Google earth-Engadget-Facebook-Fring
Google goggles-Google translate-Imdb-Last.FM-Yahoo mail
Mabilo wallpapers-Google maps 5-Meebo IM-Yahoo messenger
Music junk-Opera mini-Photoshop express-Quick settings-Quickmark
QuickPic-Rescan media-Ringdroid-Rom manager-RunKeeper
SGS tools-Google shopper-Simi folder-Skyfire-SMS popup
Sound recorder-File manager-Spare parts-Titanium backup
Tuneln radio-Twitter-Ulysse gizmos-Google voice-Google talk
Thinkfree office-voice search-Wapedia-Voodoo app-World newspapers
Xda forum app-Youtube-Zedge

The latest versions of programs are available

Removed :

Aldiko ebook
Daily Briefing
Mini diary
Press reader
Voice dialler
Voice Recorder
Write and go
Mobile Tracker
Most of ringtones (you can install sound pack)

Be watchful :

This install will WIPE all user data.

Pobierz ROM:
http://naser0172.com/Spike%20All%20in%2 ... ion%20v2.0[www.and-roid.ir].zip

Czysta instalacja romu:

1- Pobierz ROM i kopiuj Spike All in One Edition v2.0.zip do internal memory

2- Pobierz kernel i umieść go na instegnal memory. (wgraj go przez Odin-a)
http://www.4shared.com/file/F8skRHgu/SO ... 4_6_1.html

3- Przejdź CWM recovery i wybierz mounts and storage i wybierz format system

4- Potem wgraj ROM: przez CWM Recovery Spike All in One Edition v2.0.zip

Addon pack:

Sound Pack:

Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 Rom: 2.3.7 CyanogenMod 7.1.0
Samsung Google Nexus S i9023 SL Rom: 2.3.5 MIUI 1.10.7

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