The Bears did not beat the Packers on Sunday

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The Bears did not beat the Packers on Sunday

Postprzez Weiveismart » 07:09 27 sty 2021

Even though the Rams didn't have Jared Goff on Sunday, they were able to stun the Cardinals thanks to an impressive performance from Madden nfl 21 coins backup quarterback John Wolford. If the Cards had won, the Rams would have made the playoffs, but they'd have been the seven-seed. Rather, the Rams are now locked to the six-spot, which means when the playoffs start next week they will be facing the Seahawks for the next time this season.

The Bears did not beat the Packers on Sunday, but at the end that didn't matter, because they could backdoor their way into the postseason. Regardless of their 8-8 record, the Bears will be in the playoffs since the Cardinals also dropped to finish 8-8. Even though the teams tied for the final playoff spot, the Bears get the buy mut coins madden 21 nod because of the simple fact that they won the best winning percentage in common games tiebreaker.

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